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Haunted sites: Thornton Abbey, Lincolnshire.

Thornton Abbey is a medieval Augustinian abbey ruin in North Lincolnshire. In 2016, they excavated a black death plague pit here. Also a skeleton has been found walled up in the abbey walls with a table, book and candlestick. It … Continue reading

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Weekly Update

It’s half term in the UK and so far we have just done the pumpkin patch trip. My youngest son has autism as I’ve mentioned before and can’t deal with too many outside activities. He’s becoming slightly more social which … Continue reading

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Movie Review: The Vault (2017)

The boy fell asleep after 5 minutes in and I thought it was a shame. I enjoyed The Vault. It starts with 2 sisters, their brother and a couple of friends/accomplices, who are in the process of robbing a bank. … Continue reading

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Hallows Eve Eve….ghost stories…..

On Hallows Eve Eve, I decided to share with you some of my personal spooky experiences. I am believer of the supernatural or after life if you will. This is because I have seen things that can’t be explained. This … Continue reading

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Movie Review: The Innkeepers

We went for ghost scares this time with The Innkeepers. The Innkeepers is a haunted hotel movie. The hotel is in its last days. Claire and Luke are employees there, seeing it through to the end. There are three guests, … Continue reading

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