Movie Review: Within (2016)

Within was the boys choice as I get moaned at whenever I choose a bad one which is happening a lot this season. So I let him get the nights choice. (I wanted Eli).

So Within is about a family moving into a house they bought cheap because obviously terrible things have happened there previously (but the dad decides not to tell anyone). The mum is not around and has been replaced by a new bride, who looks nearly the same age as the stroppy teenage daughter, who is played by Erin Moriarty from The Boys. I had to look up senior year from my UK perspective so she would be about 18? You see in Grimsby, where I’m from you’re kicked out at this age and probably had 2 babies already. She’s under house arrest for having an alcoholic drink. In Grimsby, you would have already been drinking in the park for 3 years. If you come from a good family at 18 you’ll be on your way to university to binge drink your way through your first year. Anyway, I digress……the family move in.

I have had this start to movie and books a lot recently. Come on, be more original with the plots! There is a creepy neighbour with a shy wife. We hoped for more from the shy wife, like she’d been mummified and kept in the basement to play tea party…spoiler this didn’t happen. Things start happening, sheets being pulled off, the cat goes missing, the girl finds out the history, something is going on in the attic. No spoilers but I have come across the twist at least recently. I’m concerned the beloved cat was forgotten about by day 2. I’m concerned that 2 families have lived there since the first tragedy and nobody cleaned out the garage. There are many gratuitous shots of the girls bottom and a particular scene that should have been creepy but with the music playing seemed to be attempting erotic. The boy seemed to think there were too many feet shots and it implies someone had a fetish.

I’m giving it a 4/10. Unoriginal plot, some massive plot holes that I can’t divulge because it’ll spoil the big reveal. Creepy in a cringe way not a spooky way. My mum enjoyed it and the boy wouldn’t admit it was bad because it was his choice.

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I'm a horror loving librarian with the need to share reviews of everything horror, gore and spooky related. I'm an avid reader of books, mainly horror, definitely supernatural. I'm a pagan and like to define myself as an eclectic witch. Halloween/Samhain is my favourite time of year from everything pumpkin spiced, the scent of decay and the veil between worlds thinning. So, here we are to share all things blood splattered, things that go bump in the night and crawl out of the darkness.
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