Weekly thoughts….22/10/19

I’m panicking now. Is it possible I’m running out of things to say for blogtober? I really wanted to complete it and started off with lots of content to chat about but now instead of being a week ahead, it’s catching up with me!

I’m actually writing this on the 20th. Last night it was my mothers birthday and I did a little tea party for her as I’m struggling to leave the house still. Going out in the evening is beyond my capabilities at the moment. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. I bought her this adorable pumpkin flower arrangement (that I really wanted for myself). (I made the sugar skull light up bottle).


We watched Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2. Apparently the hubby hadn’t seen it. The boy had a party to go to but ended up coming home so we watched it together. Despite the critics I actually love both of Rob Zombie’s Halloweens. It could be I’m biased, I am a Rob Zombie fan but I didn’t like Lords of Salem so not that biased. I like the grittiness and grunginess of Halloween 2, the fact everyone is broken after the events of the first one. I like the supernatural bond between Laurie and Micheal. I like how adult Micheal is really just a vessel for the little boy whose sanity broke and he seems trapped in that moment. The night before we watched the first Halloween (Rob Zombies).

Obviously, I’ve been watching AHS 1984. Really looking forward to how they move forward with the new supernatural twist and what happens next. I also tried Marianne, the French horror series on Netflix and really started to enjoy it. There was some tongue in cheek humour and some great horror moments. I’ve watched two episodes so far but will definitely watch more.

I have also watched The Influence, a Spanish horror on Netflix. I tried to write a review but just came up blank. I didn’t enjoy it all. It had all the right elements but lack of empathy with characters maybe….maybe it felt derivative of Hereditary in some aspects? I lost interest part the way through and couldn’t wait for it to end. Maybe I’ll write a review…it says something that it left me so meh.

Hubby took me for a weekly pumpkin spiced latte and vegan burrito this week. It was cut short as the littlest boy was asked to leave school…not excluded…but trying to avoid exclusion. He has autism and is in mainstream school. Sometimes they can’t cope with his challenging behaviour. He has been doing so well but became overwhelmed I think with half term being so near and tired out from masking. Before we left though, Hubby treated me to a Yankee Candle in Haunted Hayride. It’s lovely…not as scented as witches brew (which I miss so much)…but lovely. A few years back the local candle shop had a great display of Halloween Yankee candle stock but over the last few years it’s dwindled down. I had a lovely black cat wax melter but the littlest boy broke it and I’ve never been able to replace it.

Doing a reflexology session today for the sister in law, NEPIP. NEPIP (NeuroEndoPsychoImmunoPody) is only taught to level 5 reflexologist’s. It’s a very pleasant treatment to do and quite spiritual. In class we’ve had some interesting reactions to this treatment, me and a class mate saw what we thought was a ghost/pair of ghosts on the road on the way back from class after doing this. We think it may have psychically opened us up.

I WAS looking forward to the release of Phil Rickman’s For the Hell of It, the next in the Merrily Watkins series but the release date has changed from Halloween to next year! So I’ll be watching for the price to come down on Peter Jame’s The Secret of Cold Hill, which was released this month.

Question of the week: Does anyone still watch the Walking Dead? Posed by the boy every time an advert comes on. We stopped watching it around season 5.

About thewytchinghourblog

I'm a horror loving librarian with the need to share reviews of everything horror, gore and spooky related. I'm an avid reader of books, mainly horror, definitely supernatural. I'm a pagan and like to define myself as an eclectic witch. Halloween/Samhain is my favourite time of year from everything pumpkin spiced, the scent of decay and the veil between worlds thinning. So, here we are to share all things blood splattered, things that go bump in the night and crawl out of the darkness.
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3 Responses to Weekly thoughts….22/10/19

  1. We stopped watching the Walking Dead too. Sometimes the husband tries to convince me that we need to catch up but I have no intention of doing so.

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  2. I’m done as done can be with the walking dead. Wasn’t a huge fan to start with, but the last couple of seasons were just plain lazy writing, drawing everything out endlessly…
    Watching that new show, Evil, quite enjoying it. Interesting plot, characters. : D

    I can’t imagine doing blogtober! I can barely manage my weekly poetry post right now (my comic is pre-posted). I have so much to do creatively right now, but I’m just not in a position to really dig in. Also might have some writers block haha Can’t seem to finish any stories… : p

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