Movie Review: The Night Sitter (2018)

Another horror comedy. I didn’t realize it was until further into The Night Sitter. A smirking dad, who is a wannabe paranormal expert/investigator has a date and hires Amber to babysit his pre-teen son and his dates son for the evening. Amber is actually a con artist and is intending to empty the house while the dad is out with the help of a friend. However, he brings his girlfriend and Amber’s kind of boyfriend also turns up. Adding to the mix the forbidden room full of paranormal artifacts is opened up and evil is released.

The movie has the 80’s/90’s b movie comedy horror feel to it (much like the Babysitter, which the boy was convinced we were watching again) and some Suspiria inspired lighting and effects.  There were a few genuinely creepy moments (I thought the main villains were quite creepy) and I loved the neighbour, with his war gaming and occult knowledge…he’s the sort of person I would be friends with. I enjoyed it but it was tongue in cheek cheesy and not to be taken too seriously. There were some good actors and some terrible acting. It won’t scare you but it will probably entertain you.

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3/5 Horror comedy (I think!) with some dodgy bits but fun all the same if you’re not looking for scares.

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