Movie Review: The Cube (1997)

First review of October and I re-watched The Cube from 1997 because the boy hadn’t seen it.


The Cube is a Canadian low budget movie that is similar to an early SAW like premise. Five people find themselves trapped in a huge cube structure, with lots of little room cubes, there are 6 doors to new rooms. The rooms may or may not have been trapped with inventive ways to die. The people don’t know each other or why they are there. They have no personal belongings, just a uniform with their name on. They need to decide what to do as without food or water time is running out. Each one has skills, experience or knowledge that can help them navigate the cube. Each one has the name of a real life prison. The first person we meet is the first Death from Supernatural

The acting isn’t the best but it’s an interesting movie. The deaths are suitably gruesome and there is a claustrophobic feel as they try to get out. You feel their frustration at not knowing the purpose of the game they in and their suspicions of one another. It kept me interested throughout the movie even though I didn’t find the characters particularly likable. I think it did well with it’s budget and unlike many recent movies knows the power of mystery in a good story.

3.5/5 The horror of being trapped in a giant Rubik’s cube full of potential death.

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