Happy New Year!

Belated I know but Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great Yule/Christmas/Winter celebration. I find the holidays quite a stressful time as a neuro-diverse household there are a number of challenges we face but I tend to go into festive meltdown and this year was no different, hence why there have been no reviews or updates for the last few weeks. However, New Year and new meds and I’m crawling out of the murky woods of my poor battered brain, dragging my soul behind me.

So, I’ve not been watching much in the way of movies mainly reading and I’ll get up to date on my book reviews. My son has Fallout 76 and my husband has commandeered the TV and stolen it…it’s become his new hyper focus. It’s easier to curl up and read than to await my turn to watch something.

Every year I do the annoying resolution thing, even saying I won’t do the resolution thing but secretly start doing some resolution type thingy. I haven’t this year….as such…I felt so strung out by Christmas, food, alcohol and general chaos I’ve just made some changes for January and see how long they last for. It’s no good putting pressure on myself. So, I haven’t had an alcoholic drink this year. I only tend to have some wine at the weekends but it still knocks me for six (I shouldn’t really with the medication I am on), throws my routine out and makes my IBS flare up. I have not drank any soda, cola or fizzy pop this week. This is a big one for me. I have always been quite militant about my fizzy treat, it’s diet…it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s not like it’s meth. However, my reflexology tutor has been filling my head up with diet coke horror stories and I want to prove to myself I can give it up. I have jumped on the Veganuary bandwagon. I used to be vegetarian until it made me ill. Actually, what made me ill was bad nutritional choices. There is so much more choice now, veganism resonates with my beliefs and ethics. I have been making plant based choices for about 5 days now and I’m really enjoying it. I actually see this one lasting long term. I’m feeling all together cleansed with my new healthier life choices. It is helping my mental health (or my new anti-psychotics are)…if you could have seen the state of me a week ago today, the change is dramatic. Oh, I have come off Facebook. That was another time leech of mine. All those negative thoughts and dramas were not helping me. Facebook has been one of the hardest to keep up. This tells me a lot about my habit of social media. However, it also quite freeing. I thought I’d give it a week and now I have I’m going to give it another. I have discovered I’m in no rush. Anyway, I can use Instagram for my self gratification of posting vegan food photos for likes #feellikeihavejoinedacult 😉

About thewytchinghourblog

I'm a horror loving librarian with the need to share reviews of everything horror, gore and spooky related. I'm an avid reader of books, mainly horror, definitely supernatural. I'm a pagan and like to define myself as an eclectic witch. Halloween/Samhain is my favourite time of year from everything pumpkin spiced, the scent of decay and the veil between worlds thinning. So, here we are to share all things blood splattered, things that go bump in the night and crawl out of the darkness.
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