Series Review: Slasher (2016)

There seems to be a run of odd little series appearing that somehow I’ve missed. Maybe I was incredibly busy in 2016….who knows.

Slasher season one is based around Katie and her partner, Dylan who move into her family home a number of years after her parents were brutally murdered there (as you do). Katie never met her parents as she was cut from her mothers womb that night. This led to interesting discussions with the boy who hadn’t realised that “womb raiding” was a thing. Anyway the murderer was supposedly caught and is currently in jail. However, Katie starts seeing the murderer (he has a distinctive mask thing) and people start dying. There are also a few subplots going on such as a missing girl and a crazy lady.

When the titles started running for Slasher we thought we were in for a treat. The music reminded us of American Horror Story….unfortunately little did we know the series was actually a bootleg AHS. They wanted to be AHS so bad but lacked decent acting talent, original story lines and great dialogue. If you watched one slasher movie then you’re not in for any surprises. I lie:  the girl from Merlin (BBC series) was in it with an american accent. I wasn’t expecting that. If you google it you find the creator actually was trying to recreate the AHS format. It just wasn’t as good. However, I really wanted to binge it to the end but the boy thought it was terrible. He couldn’t understand why she would want to move into a house with such history. Surely you’d sell up and say goodbye that awful beginning of your life. I can see his point, it’s not just a death occurred but two violent deaths of your parents and a brutal beginning to your life. Katie repeatedly harasses the chief of police and gets herself inexplicably involved in anything to do with the murders as if she personally owns the story. I didn’t like her as a character. The murders center around the seven deadly sins but you have to ask how such a small town is filled with really unpleasant and nasty people.

I confess I felt compelled to watch it to the conclusion. It was a guilty pleasure when you knew it wasn’t half as good or as clever as AHS. I also confess I’ve just started season two: Slasher: Guilty Party…only watched 2 episodes so trying not to see any spoilers. The boy says it was confusing, pointless and to the creator don’t quit your day job. He would rate it a hard 4 out of 10. I would probably give it a more forgiving 6 (considering I’m still watching it). It’s also been renewed for a season 3.

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