Series Review: Crazyhead (2016)

How Crazyhead slipped under my radar I’ll never know. It’s a UK series that premiered in 2016 and we found it on Netflix. It’s also by the Misfits creator Howard Overman. It hasn’t been picked up for a second series. I loved Misfits…at least the first couple of seasons so I had high expectations.

The premise is two girls (Amy and Raquel) who can see demons find each other and decide to exorcise one of the Amy’s best friend as she became possessed. It doesn’t go according to plan. The series covers the usual demonic plan to release demons from hell, undead, love interests, humour, social exclusion, friendship, sex….you get the point. It is a hodge podge of Buffy, Hex and you know other teen supernatural series. The actual teen in the house almost refused to watch it because it said “teen rating”. He did watch it to the end but there was few laughs and little interest. “It was alright….” I believe was the quote from him. I think that was the general consensus from us both. We were not blown away. I was hoping for more…especially in terms of humour based on Misfits, where it was edgy and sharp. Instead it all felt awkward and contrived. I didn’t feel the characters gelled well together, it took a few episodes for them to build up any kind of chemistry. The main characters were very awkward. The boy didn’t like the awkward dialogue and pointless rude jokes. This is a 14 year old boy and he thought it was juvenile. The only character that my son cared about was a nameless ginger demon. There were a number of plot holes and some wasted talent such as Rhiann Steel, who plays Suzanne.

I won’t say it was terrible but kind of meh when I expected so much more. It was left open for more series so they were obviously optimistic. It was a good filler while we’re waiting for more juicy series to start. So 5/10…middle of the road British Buffy wannabe. The boy (probably it’s target demographic gave it a 6 out of 10….he liked the demon faces).

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  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Hm…never heard of this one either, and while I absolutely loved Buffy, I don’t think I am missing much when I skip over this one lol πŸ˜‚

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