Movie Review: 1922 (2017)

1922 is based on a novella by Stephen King. This gives me hope, the majority of Stephen King movies I have watched I’ve enjoyed and yes that includes Maximum Overdrive. It’s a Netflix original. The story unfolds as Wilf the farmer is in a hotel, confessing to a crime that he committed a number of years ago. Going back, we are told the story of Wilf and his wife, Arlette and their son, Henry. On the surface, they look like a happy family but the truth soon becomes apparent. Arlette wants to move to town and sell an inheritance of land to buy a shop. Wilf wants to stay on the farm and bring up Henry as a farmer, like he was. He wants to use the land as an expansion of his farm. They are never going to agree and the son, Henry has fallen in love with a local girl and obviously does not want to move. Arlette becomes a pain in the arse and really quite mean. The adverts of the movie make it clear that Wilf kills her. This isn’t the end as Wilf’s guilt starts to manifest itself and his decisions start to pull apart his dream and his relationship with Henry.

We kind of enjoyed the movie but one of the best Stephen King adaptations? Definitely not. Not a lot really happened. It put me in mind of a rat version of The Telltale Heart. Thomas Jane’s accent was so strong, that I had no idea what he was talking about pretty much 80% of the time. Wilf and Henry made some spectacularly stupid decisions and made hard work for themselves most of the time (the boy says this adds to the film because they are normal people, so will make mistakes and have no experience in the art of murder). The boy and I, were giving them advice  (took the piss) throughout the film because they needed it badly. I felt the film went on forever, losing any feeling of suspense and tension.

Having discussed it with the boy, we disagree on this one. So, I’m guessing I would recommend watching it and making your own mind up,

5/10 from me. I felt the story dragged on too long.

The son thinks that it was realistic in some of depictions and he enjoyed it. He gives it an 8/10. He wanted it longer for story development. He loved the accents, the setting and the realism of some of the decisions made by the characters. He said it was just the right amount of gore.

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