What we’re watching as the nights draw in……

With the colder nights and my candles lit, we don’t always watch movies. Sometimes we need a break. Currently the watch list includes:

Lucifer: We’re already onto to Season 3. Last nights episode, with Makizeen as the main focus was great. I LOVE Mazikeen. If you haven’t jumped on the Lucifer bandwagon yet, let me give you some background. Lucifer, the character came from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman graphic novels (which if you haven’t read…do so….now). He later became a spin off series Lucifer  by Mike Carey. Mike Carey, by the way also wrote the Felix Castor series of books (The Devil You Know ) about an exorcist. Both me and my husband recommend these. Anyway, I haven’t read the Lucifer spin off so I don’t know how close the series is to the graphic novel. Lucifer Morningstar has given up hell and with his chief bodyguard/torturer, Mazikeen, has set up a nightclub in LA. He meets Detective Chloe Decker and becomes a consultant for the police. The series is part police drama, part fantasy with a good bit of humour. It’s on Amazon Prime HERE .

Lore: We’re just started season one of Lore on Amazon Prime, which came out on the 13th of October. I am already reading the book at the moment which is excellent. Lore is a kind of documentary about fortean topics such as vampires, haunted dolls and folklore. It’s just long enough. The storytelling is great. My 13 year old requested it to watch last night as he’s seen me watching it and he wanted to watch the haunted doll episode. I’d recommend giving it go if you like this subject matter but the book is more detailed and I enjoyed it more (Lore).

Salem: I am late to the Salem party. We’ve just started season one. It’s dark as it should be, with sexual content and gruesome scenes. It does not paint us witches in a great light but it is a fictional series so I’ll let them off 😉 It’s based at the time of the Salem witch trials and involves curses, covens, magic and vengeance. I certainly wouldn’t take it as an historical account but it’s good viewing if you like dark supernatural programs. I think Marilyn Manson did the theme song which I also like (He did. I just googled it. It’s called Cupid Carries A Gun) 😉


About thewytchinghourblog

I'm a horror loving librarian with the need to share reviews of everything horror, gore and spooky related. I'm an avid reader of books, mainly horror, definitely supernatural. I'm a pagan and like to define myself as an eclectic witch. Halloween/Samhain is my favourite time of year from everything pumpkin spiced, the scent of decay and the veil between worlds thinning. So, here we are to share all things blood splattered, things that go bump in the night and crawl out of the darkness.
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3 Responses to What we’re watching as the nights draw in……

  1. I haven’t started any of these, but I’m really intrigued by Salem after reading this!


  2. janowrite says:

    After reading your review I’ll make it a point to watch Lore! And since you like horror – have you read the books of F. G. Cottam? His books are superb and scary! (If you aren’t familiar with him you’re in for a treat. You might start out with Dark Echo or The House of Lost Souls). He is my favourite contemporary writer in the genre.

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    • Funny you should say that about F>G Cottam. I’ve just written a top ten books to try for October post for next week and F.G Cottam is on there. I’ve read both Dark Echo and The House of Lost Souls. I’ve just read book one of the colony series.


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