Movie Review: Gerald’s Game




It’s taken me a little while to watch Gerald’s Game even though it kept popping up on my Netflix watch list. Mainly because the son kept saying, “Yeah but it’s a movie about a woman on a bed and they’re old ewwwww, what’s scary about that?” However, I read the book by Stephen King (Gerald’s Game) many moons ago and as I mentioned in my last post, if it’s done right, the storytelling wins the day with a Stephen King story.

As mentioned, the movie is about a couple who decide to go to a cabin, in a remote area to participate in a bit of bondage, works for me. Gerald is probably more enthusiastic than his wife, Jessie, as he pops his Viagra. Jessie just wants to be a good wife. Unfortunately, she starts to change her mind and Gerald starts being a dick about it. The stress of this and the effect of Viagra cause him to have a heart attack. Poor Jessie is still handcuffed tightly to the bed and the keys are in the bathroom. The neighbours are away and there’s a stray, hungry dog wandering the house. That’s scary to me. The thought of being trapped, vulnerable and alone makes me shudder. She starts to hallucinate her dead husband and a more confident version of herself. Flashbacks help to give you more background on Jessie and her life choices. The actress who plays Jessie (Carla Gugino) is really good, I felt her vulnerability and her pain. There is also something else in the house watching Jessie. You’ve probably heard about there’s a gory scene that people have been passing out over or vomiting (google it…I’m not making it up)….It did make me swear (f****ing hell!) but be assured there was no passing out or vomiting.

The storytelling is excellent. We both really enjoyed it (and the boy was relieved there was no old people having sex). 8/10.

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  1. I just watched this last night. I love the dynamic between [spoiler] and [spoiler]. I also was very impressed with the [spoiler].

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