The Collector Review

The Collector

This is a new one for me. I don’t think I’d heard of it before but Wikipedia informs me it has developed a cult following. To describe it in as few words as possible would be home invasion + Saw. Also I would describe it as bloody good, in both senses of the word. You know I said I don’t like torture porn, I’m fickle. It depends on the movie. I don’t know my own mind. There is also apparently a sequel which I certainly will take a look at.

It begins with a family having work done to their home. There’s a number of contractors there, including a man called Arkin, who in reality is casing the home to steal an item from them. His wife is in trouble with loan sharks and he has a deadline to get cash by midnight. He expects the family to be away. He certainly does not expect anyone else in the house. He finds the man and his wife in various places badly hurt. The house has been rigged with numerous inventive traps and locked down. The criminal becomes the hero as he fights to help the family against their mystery assailant.

It’s brutal and bloody. I had to hide behind a cushion when there was a part involving teeth (I have OCD and it’s a trigger). There was much shouting at the TV and cringing. Best movie we’ve seen in a while.

Me and the boy gave it 8/10.


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