American Horror Story: Episode 3 Spoilers ahead.

Do you know what is more annoying that white supremacists? People like Ally in American Horror Story. Well, maybe she’s not quite as annoying but it’s up there on the annoyance scale. In episode 2, she refused to sack one of her staff because he was Latino. God forbid anyone would think she was racist.  She makes such an effort to be liberal it makes you cringe. Is there a name for people like that? I won’t ask my husband because I’m sure it’ll be rude. Anyway, I think that’s exactly the person that AHS are trying to portray. Fears can be the obvious ones, clowns for example but also the insidious ones such as the fear of being seen as white privileged. “I’m one of you, I’m a lesbian” She may cry but when you start stressing about the name of your sons forbidden guinea pig because it’s not gender neutral things have gone too far. I digress….

So what happened?

Ally’s psychiatrist must be involved in some way as a patient of his goes home to die in the way she feared the most and he fondles smiley face badges on his desk.

Ally killed a man and now everybody thinks it was a racially motivated attack.

Kai is manipulating everybody.

There is a strange truck spewing gas into the neighbourhood at night, which kills birds. My husband suggests it’s some kind of mind altering substance, explaining why everybody is acting the way they are.

Her crazy neighbours have turned against her and gave her son a guinea pig.

The poor kid probably needs a guinea pig because everyone seems to forget he is there.

Somebody blew up the guinea pig.

Ivy keeps giving the rubbish nanny her job back until she sees the rubbish nanny fondling her wife in the bath.

Where is the horror you ask? The horror is in the isolation of Ally, technically she’s alone as everybody is either manipulating her, gas lighting her or ignoring her. It is frightening when nobody believes you and you start to doubt yourself. Their son is also alone and ignored. You start to ask yourself who isn’t involved because it seems like everybody is and why is Ally still alive? What is so important about her? Is it Ally as an individual or what she represents? The questions keep me going back for more. If you read the reviews out there, there are so many theories…is Ivy one of them because Ivy, Meadow and Winter all have nature names? It would explain why she keeps letting Winter back in. Has Meadow faked her murder? So many questions….I can’t wait until the next episode.

Currently reading: Hekla’s Children by James Brogden. 

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