Review: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

So, last night we watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. This is a first for me. I haven’t seen this and was looking forward to it because I love a good back story. I’m thinking this week is the beginning of the Texas Chainsaw binge because I haven’t seen any of the sequels just the 2003 remake.

For me it started off well. The lighting and shadows, that grainy cinema quality was very similar to the original. We were going back to the slaughterhouse. In the opening credits we get a run though of Leather Faces background. Don’t run off for snacks and popcorn at this point otherwise you miss the whole backstory. So really, “The Beginning”? Not so much as in not long before the first one started and a quick run through at the start. So “Beginning” really refers to the first time they ate human flesh and Leather Face gets his first human mask. That’s it because everything else follows the same format as the original.

One question I have to ask is, is Leatherface a product of the family he grew up in or was he always evil from birth and corrupted them? I’m feeling sorry for Leather Face, let’s put it this way. I don’t know if I’m getting too deep but he is a man with disabilities that obviously hasn’t been given a supportive and positive upbringing. When he kills it seems to be a means to an end not a sadistic attack. I don’t think it enters his mind he’s causing pain. In fact, me and son number think he might having a hearing disability. We noticed that in the original he didn’t seem to catch the intruders in his house because he heard them but because he just happened to open the door. If you’re a vulnerable adult with difficulties in hearing and been brought up a crazy redneck family then maybe finding a scrawny hippy in your living room might make you panic and lash out.

This movie is much more graphic. There is no leaving it to the imagination. There’s an exploding cow. The exploding cow was probably one of the highlights for me.

You get to meet the family but the family members are different, there’s no hitchhiker/Nubbins for a start. They’ve changed the families name as well to Hewitt instead of Sawyer/Slaughter. Why? I struggled with the accents and sound quality as well and only half way through realised Leather Face’s name was Thomas. Charlie Hewitt Jnr/Hoyt was a star character. He was unpredictable and brutal, he saved the film from descending into just another gore fest as Leather Face became just a bloody killing machine, it takes away some of the dark humour of his character. Hoyt brings this back but also shows how the family manipulate Leatherfaces behaviour.

I didn’t have sympathy for the characters, except Bailey because bless her I have no idea what happened to her behind closed doors but I think death was a blessing. I think Chrissie was supposed to be the strong female character, which I have no problem with. However, a strong “sensible” female character would have gone for help not come back with a random biker. Even a strong female would have vomited after some of the things she’s seen but she’s so “strong” she just grimaced at the carving up of her beloved. Also when you’re tied up at a dinner table with some homicidal cannibals getting sassy with them is just stupid. How about lulling them in a false sense of security with some submission?

Sons Verdict: It was OK. It just felt like one prolonged death scene,

My Verdict: Hoyt/Charlie Hewitt Jr was great and the exploding cow awesome. The rest was disappointing and proving sometimes less is more.

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